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    What It's Like Being Kanye West

    For all you Kanye Wests out there, I feel you.

    So you're Kanye West.

    You only wear the biggest names in fashion.

    And you love small dogs.

    Don't look so ashamed! You've got nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Because you're famous!

    And everyone wants to take pictures with you at parties.

    Plus you've met the love of your life already.

    And your fans adore you!!!


    But sometimes it's hard being so good at YOU.

    It keeps you up at night.

    Wondering what the future will bring...

    And will your children be happy?

    Okay whoa. No need for the 'tude. I'm just saying sometimes it's tough being Kanye.

    Because it's hard to resemble a penis... in a relationship with a couch...

    And have those gosh darn paparazzi following you everywhere.

    But some days are more relaxing.

    Like that time you beat Beyonce in connect four. That was fun!

    And even though somedays you hit your head on a pole...

    Don't forget who you are. YOU ARE KANYE VEST.

    Sweet dreams.