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What's Something No One Warned You About Before You Got A Puppy That You Learned All On Your Own?

Starting with...IT WILL BE VERY HARD.

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a single dog mom with a puppy.

We've been together for five months now!! And throughout our time together, I have realized that everything I thought I knew about having a puppy was only the tip of the iceberg...in reality, I KNEW NOTHING.

Like, why didn't anyone tell me that after she finished her teething chew phase that she'd go through another chew phase at 7 months with...no end in sight?

And why wasn't I warned that this adorable thing will make me cry many, many times because I'll worry that I can't do this and that I'm unfit to be a mother?

And also, why did absolutely no one — not ONE PERSON — tell me that my dog would want to eat her own eye boogers after I wiped them off??????

So, what did no one tell you that you had to find out on your own once you had your puppy? Spill the secrets in the comments so that everyone can be prepared. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!