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What All Of Your Beanie Babies Are Up To Now

This is what happens when your Beanie Baby gets up out of that box in your basement and goes on to live his life.

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1. Some are alcoholics

2. Some are being used as bean bags

3. Some have been hunted and mounted

4. Some are doorstops

5. Some were set free, to be in the wild where they belong

6. Some were used by the government, to promote world peace

7. While some were used by the government for clone testing

8. Some were skinned and used for fashion

9. Some were hung, for witchcraft

10. Some became print models

11. Some did porn

12. Some made it in hollywood

13. Some became the Duggar family

14. Some turned into killers

15. Some gave birth to a baby 9 months later

16. Some were sacrificed for education

17. Some became slaves to cats

18. Some are regulars at the local diner

19. Some became Greek gods

20. And finally, some will never give up what they had and will stick together until the end

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