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    Lenny Kravitz's Abs At Age 57 Shouldn't Look This Amazing, But They Do

    In case you haven't gazed upon them yet.

    I'm a lesbian, so even though I am not attracted to this body, I still have eyes and I know that objectively, Lenny Kravitz has extremely impressive abs. Like, EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE. And luckily for all of us, Lenny is aware of this and shows them off a very appropriate amount.

    I mean, take a look at these babies. This is a 57-year-old man and he has roughly 76 separate abs.

    Like, the king of big muscles, The Rock, is jealous.

    The rock commented "My brotha. Inspiring. #ohana [fist bump emoji]

    And so is Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum.

    Channing says "Good god man! What are you eating or what's in the water or the genes. It's not natural. Do you just do abs like all day?"

    And I also think Alex Rodriguez might have a crush on him???

    Alex left a fire emoji bookended by two heart emojis

    It makes sense. They aren't just abs. They are Abs+.

    And they don't just exist, they protrude.

    Even when half his body is covered, it's obvious what is under there. LOTSA ABDOMINAL STRENGTH AND MUSCLES.

    And I just felt that it was time that we, as a group, recognized these mounds.

    So, to Lenny's abs: We see you.

    That's all, bye!