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Updated on Jul 30, 2018. Posted on Jan 30, 2014

17 Ways Disney Movie Scenes Could Have Gone Way, Way Worse

Or....way, way better?!

1. If Ariel got legs only to discover her feet were deformed and mangled:

2. If Simba was just THROWN off Pride Rock like a piece of trash:

3. If Ariel's shining moment was ruined by a crashing wave:

4. If Cinderella took a big poop while leaving the castle (why else was she in such a hurry?!)

5. If the fairy godmother accidentally blew up Cinderella's head:

6. ...and also if she was a kinky old lady:

7. If Alice was on coke the whole time:

8. If the pasta came from another dog's butt:

9. If Belle stepped on a land mine while running through the French hillside:

10. If Ariel and Ursula had each other's faces:

11. ...or Simba and Scar:

12. If the magic carpet was a bomb:

13. If Rabbit had seriously impaled Pooh while trying to help him:

14. If this is actually what "hakuna matata" meant:

15. If Snow White's head imploded while serenading animals:

16. If the ice Bambi slipped on was actually a killer whale trap:

17. And if Belle was actually Nigel Thornerry:

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