17 Ways Disney Movie Scenes Could Have Gone Way, Way Worse

Or….way, way better?!

1. If Ariel got legs only to discover her feet were deformed and mangled:

2. If Simba was just THROWN off Pride Rock like a piece of trash:

3. If Ariel’s shining moment was ruined by a crashing wave:

4. If Cinderella took a big poop while leaving the castle (why else was she in such a hurry?!)

5. If the fairy godmother accidentally blew up Cinderella’s head:

6. …and also if she was a kinky old lady:

7. If Alice was on coke the whole time:

8. If the pasta came from another dog’s butt:

9. If Belle stepped on a land mine while running through the French hillside:

10. If Ariel and Ursula had each other’s faces:

12. If the magic carpet was a bomb:

13. If Rabbit had seriously impaled Pooh while trying to help him:

14. If this is actually what “hakuna matata” meant:

15. If Snow White’s head imploded while serenading animals:

16. If the ice Bambi slipped on was actually a killer whale trap:

17. And if Belle was actually Nigel Thornerry:

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