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Victoria Beckham Acknowledges She Was Actually In The Spice Girls During This Beautiful Reunion

1997 I miss you so.

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David Beckham had a birthday party this weekend and yeah, sure, it's great that he's 40 and all, but more importantly almost ALL of the Spice Girls were there.

VICTORIA BECKHAM WAS ACTUALLY WITH THEM. Just replace Eva Longoria with Mel B. and you've got a full fledged reunion tour (minus the tour).

Spice Girls in Marrakech! #DB40 x vb @MelanieCmusic @EvaLongoria @GeriHalliwell @EmmaBunton

If four out of five dentists are good enough for toothpaste users, then four out of five Spice Girls are good enough for me.

Like, she was smiling with the Spice Girls.

Finally, proof that she actually remembers she was Posh Spice.

Amazing evening with my girls last night x vb #DB40 @MelanieCmusic @EmmaBunton @EvaLongoria @denisevasi @TanaRamsay