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    26 Shows To Watch If You're Looking For Something Really Good But Not Really Popular

    These shows are semi-hidden gems.

    If you're anything like me, you've probably run out of things to watch so now you've got to dig deep. And that's where this Reddit thread comes along. User u/BluePinky asked the question, "What is a great TV show that never became popular?" And in it were tons of suggestions. I'm already making my way through this list.

    1. Episodes


    "I never cared about Friends and was pleasantly surprised at how versatile Matt LeBlanc is."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix, Showtime

    2. Better Off Ted


    "Very few people have heard of it, but it was such a funny show. It's about a research and development company that values profit and success over everything else. The employees get screwed over in so many brilliant and unexpected ways every time the higher-ups make decisions, and the products they come up with are hilarious and ridiculous: glow-in-the-dark squirrels, weaponized pumpkins, etc."


    Where you can watch it: Hulu

    3. You’re the Worst


    "You’re the Worst NEVER gets the love it should! It’s BRILLIANT!"


    Where you can watch it: Hulu, Amazon Prime

    4. Last Man on Earth


    "Another slept-on show is Last Man on Earth with Will Forte, January Jones, and Mary Steenburgen, and pre–Ted Lasso Jason Sudeikis. It was quirky and funny, and it ended on such a cliffhanger! Damn you, Fox, for canceling it so you could air Last Man Standing!"


    Where you can watch it: Hulu

    5. Great News


    "Great News was a gem that deserved so much better. It had a flawless cast, cracking writing, and the kind of joke density that only comes from a show produced by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. I still hope someday it will somehow be revived from its untimely cancellation."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The CW

    "Lots of diversity, amazing original musical numbers, and mental health and LGBTQ representation. It is on Netflix and is probably popular now, but when it was on the CW, I heard it didn't gain as much traction."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV

    7. Happy Endings


    "I still watch reruns of Happy Endings. That show was amazing, and it's still funny 10 years later."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV

    8. Dietland


    " was this not HUGE?! This is a great show for so many reasons. Deserves a cult following."


    Where you can watch it: Hulu

    9. GCB


    "I still mourn for GCB (Good Christian Bitches, as it was originally known). The cast was great (Kristen Chenowith! Annie Potts!), it was funny, and the premise of a former rich-bitch popular girl who lost it all, changed for the better, and now has to go back to contend with the women she was mean to in high school was GOLD."


    Where you can watch it: ABC on Demand

    10. Rome


    "This show is one of the best HBO has ever produced, and Game of Thrones probably would never have been able to exist without it — hell, it’s basically Game of Thrones, only it really happened."


    Where you can watch it: HBO, Hulu 

    11. Drop Dead Diva


    "It was amazing and eye-opening, about body-shaming and being comfortable with yourself — as well as being selfish and superficial. Wish it had had more seasons."


    Where you can watch it: Starz 

    12. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

    BBC America

    "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is the most underrated show I’ve ever encountered. It's a MUST-watch."


    Where you can watch it: Hulu

    13. In the Flesh


    "Such a beautiful, haunting show that everyone should watch. It takes place after the zombie apocalypse, when the zombies have been cured. They are to be assimilated back into a society that doesn't trust or want them and is afraid they will turn rabid again. It follows Kieren Walker as he is reunited with his family and must face the aftermath of how he died. Please watch it, y'all. It's so short, but I cried so much."


    Where you can watch it: Hulu, Amazon Prime

    14. She-ra and the Princesses of Power


    "Everyone thinks it's some lame kids cartoon, but it's one of the best shows ever produced in terms of representation, and they have some great character arcs as well as redemption arcs."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    15. Sanditon


    "It was based on the unfinished Jane Austen novel. It is soooo good — I'm just in love with it. Unfortunately, the ending leaves much to be desired, and you can tell they were hoping for a Season 2. I don't think a second season is completely off the table, but it's not looking too good. It is much better than a show like Bridgerton — and I feel like if Netflix picked it up, people would love it."


    Where you can watch it: PBS Masterpiece — Prime Video Channel

    16. Copper

    BBC America

    "An amazing series about Irish American cops set in post–Civil War New York City in the old Five Points neighborhood. It even ended on a cliffhanger. I am beyond disappointed that this show never got the praise it deserved."


    Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime

    17. Mindhunter


    "Amazing cast, story, music. Damn you, David Fincher. 😡"


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    18. Kath & Kim

    ABC TV

    "People who love The Office — please, please, please give Kath & Kim a try. As with The Office, it takes a couple of episodes to get a feel for the rhythm of the show, but I promise it will fill The Office–sized hole that Netflix left us with."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    19. Big Time in Hollywood, FL

    Comedy Central

    "Big Time in Hollywood, FL is probably one of the most underrated shows ever! It is a hilarious hidden gem, and I highly suggest that everybody watch the one glorious season that graced the TV."


    Where you can watch it: Comedy Central App

    20. Selfie


    "It was on ABC with Karen Gillan and John Cho. Barely got one season, but was smart and funny and had so much potential. So underrated."


    Where you can watch it: Hulu

    21. Imposters


    "Imposters was amazing and only had two seasons and was highly unpredictable. Go check it out."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    22. Telenovela


    "Telenovela was such a great show, and Eva Longoria was absolutely perfect. It was upsetting that it only lasted one season; it seriously had potential!"


    Where you can watch it: Tubi

    23. Sense8


    "Is no one going to mention Sense8? Best show I’ve ever seen, hands down."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    24. Pushing Daisies


    "If there's ever a show that deserves a remake or reboot (but with the original writer at least, please), it is Pushing Daisies."


    Where you can watch it: HBO Max, CW Seed App 

    25. Life in Pieces


    "My absolute favorite show is Life in Pieces. It has James Brolin, Dianne Wiest, and Colin Hank. Such a hilarious show about family. Wish they had continued it."


    Where you can watch it: Netflix

    26. The OA


    "One of the most original, creative, beautiful, insightful shows I’ve ever seen. It touches on deep, existential topics and is just so far from the shallow, trendy shit that’s on TV these days. The writing is just stellar, and the acting and cinematography are just beautiful. I miss it so much."


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