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    19 Tweets About The Fly On Mike Pence's Head That Actually Made Me Laugh Even Though I Hate It All

    The fly came to play.

    Last night during the vice presidential debate, a living, breathing, actual fly landed on Mike Pence's head for a full TWO MINUTES!!!

    Total time a fly sat on Mike Pence's head: two minutes

    Based on my whole life experience with flies, that's a really long time for a fly to chill on someone's head, so there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to roll up their sleeves and tweet about the fly. And tbh, I was not disappointed.

    We needed the fly!!!! So, anyway, here are a bunch of tweets about the fly.


    If that fly laid eggs in Mike Pence's hair he better fucking carry them to full term.


    I sent the fly. Tell Pence. I want him to know it was me.


    The fly spent longer on Pence’s head than Pence spent on the pandemic


    I’m not saying he’s an alien but I never seen a bug sit so comfortably on anyone since Men In Black.



    Flies right now in the US: stand back and standby


    “Thank you, Susan,” - the fly


    .@ fly would you be interested in an interview on my Instagram live? you’d be an iconic guest


    I wish I was backstage just so I could hear this exchange: “How’d I do? What are people saying?” “There was a fly on your head for a really long time. It’s mostly that.”



    There's a #FlyOnPenceHead Remix @Mike_Pence @KamalaHarris #flygate



    Easily Joe and Kamala’s best volunteer. #VicePresidentialDebate2020 #VPDebate


    Me watching the debates seeing a fly land on Mike Pence’s hair


    “It was the lack of facts for me.”


    I feel bad for the fly. That fly needs to get tested.



    19. In conclusion:

    The Fly is the new Ken Bone: a meaningless distraction from the hellscape our country has become

    In all seriousness, the fly is fun but also we gotta vote. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. If you aren’t registered to vote, you can register here. And if you’re planning to vote by mail, you can check out NPR for mail-in rules and deadlines by state.