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    19 Tweets About "Secret Obsession" That Perfectly Sum Up What A Glorious Mess It Is

    It's so bad that it's great.


    When the girl was going down the stairs with her broke ass ankle idk why she didn’t just get on her ass and scoot down #SecretObsession


    i'm scriming - the photoshop in the new Netflix movie with Brenda Song, Secret Obsession, is SO BAD like bro at least do some blending and color correction??? 😩😂


    Detective: How did you know this was Jennifer's husband? Cop: He was able to identify her tattoo Detective: So... you didn't ask for ID or anything...? Cop: ... did we mention it was a detailed tattoo? Detective: #SecretObsession


    Never bury bodies in full view of your suspicious wife’s bedroom window. #SecretObession


    #SecretObsession has everything: Murder, the old AllState guy, Brenda Song (she limped the whole movie!), decaying bodies, bad photoshopping, red Cadillac convertibles, and more MURDER.


    Secret Obsession works better when you realize it’s really just one long All State commercial


    secret obsession without context



    Just watched #SecretObsession and all I can think of is, why TF he thought he can mess with Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, and get away with it? Bitch brought down Yan-Lo, an ancient evil spirit; ain’t no basic white guy with photoshop skills gunna do a damn thing to her.


    Biggest pothole in #SecretObsession is at the end when @BrendaSong is still limping, yet wearing heels.


    Bitches really be guessing their own name as their husband’s laptop password? I mean how conceited do you have to be to think that? It’s me. I’m bitches #SecretObsession


    When @Allstate realizes you lied about the way the accident happened #allstate #SecretObsession #Netflix


    the real mystery of #secretobsession on Netflix: what is the timeline of these crimes?!


    Watching the new movie #SecretObsession on @Netflix and the only thing suspenseful about it is how in the world she managed to eat this obscene amount of scrambled eggs for breakfast.


    Nobody: Brenda Song in Secret Obsession every 2 seconds:


    I’m watching Secret Obsession rn and listen, if Mike Vogel told me he was my husband, I wouldn’t question it. I’d be over the fucking moon


    From the moment he popped up I knew Jennifer was in good hands #SecretObsession


    Watching #SecretObsession and trying to figure out how this house is so damn big but the bed in the master suite is so damn tiny.


    #SecretObsession basic plotline: London Tipton trades the suite life of hotels for a secluded break in the mountains with a creepy bloke. And she has amnesia.

    In conclusion:

    about to watch secret obsession on netflix