21 Tweets About John King That Are The Only Thing Making Me Laugh Right Now

    How many Red Bulls has he had?

    We are currently almost a day into the votes being counted for the US election. And while I'm tired, emotional, and hungry...there is one person that has given me energy during this time. And his name is John King.

    Anderson Cooper 2.0 has been explaining and commentating on the election as the votes come in for what seems like an eternity. He was literally on CNN until 4:30 a.m. last night and then came back to continue at 10 a.m. because HE IS UNSTOPPABLE.

    John King standing at the 'Magic Wall'

    He's election Santa. I have no idea what he does the rest of the year, but THIS IS HIS NIGHT TO SHINE. And he's doing it. So here are a bunch of tweets about our map-tapping hero John King that actually made me laugh in between my soul-sucking anxiety.


    JOHN KING: Let’s look at Michigan *taps map* zoom on Ingham County *taps map* zoom on Lansing *taps map* let’s look at this street. *taps map* This house *taps map* Let’s look in the living room. *taps map* as you can see, Dave has yet to report. Still hope for Biden


    John King playing US citizens with his screens. watching him.


    Find someone who looks at you the way John King looks at the Magic Wall.


    Might fuck around, learn every county in the United States and take John King’s job


    john king banking at an ATM must be like Mozart


    CNN is about to have John King work 72 hours straight with one 15 minute lunch break



    I don’t know what John King makes a year but I’m pretty sure he’s underpaid.


    Wolf back to you... “We can’t call anything” John King back to you... “Be patient it’s going to be a long night” Wolf back to you... “We can’t call anything” John King back to you...


    John King when they cut to commercials https://t.co/QsJD4ZUSL9




    Me when John King clicks on my state and I see my county


    John King just clicking randomly around the results map


    If John King can go hours touching that screen and zooming in and out on the map without any errors, it should be much easier for us to self checkout at the grocery store.


    John King when it’s been 1 second since he’s checked on Ohio and North Carolina #ElectionDay


    John King watching those state polls closing.


    did john king wake up in a sweat knowing someone else was touching his map, like why is he already awake and back at it


    john king, come to my mom's house and teach her to use her iPad challenge


    John King on the second half of a back-to-back here, data says his performance may suffer but in a big game like this you gotta go back your ace


    john king with his smart board for the last 24 hours: I hope you guys at home are having just as much fun as me!! us at home: