8 TV Cartoon Moms Who Were Definitely Secretly Lesbians

    ...in my head.

    Hear ye, hear ye. It is I, Lauren Yapalater. Your resident wishful-thinking lesbian! As we know, Disney Princesses were quite gay, and my gut says so were all of these TV cartoon moms!

    1. Marianne Hunter Thornberry

    2. Betty DeVille

    3. Ann Possible

    4. Charlotte Pickles

    5. Theda Funni

    6. Mrs. Turner

    7. Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone

    8. Helen Morgendorffer

    That suit, those pearls, that hair! It screams "I'm a lesbian, get me outta here!!" Also look at her during her "hippy" days. Just sayin'!