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8 TV Cartoon Moms Who Were Definitely Secretly Lesbians my head.

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Hear ye, hear ye. It is I, Lauren Yapalater. Your resident wishful-thinking lesbian! As we know, Disney Princesses were quite gay, and my gut says so were all of these TV cartoon moms!

2. Betty DeVille


A fierce-ass feminist who walked in the dyke march over pride weekend, but you know, "just cause she's an ally." OK, BETTY, next you're gonna say you're not a lesbian, but your girlfriend is!!!


7. Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone

Cartoon Network

There's no way these two hotties would marry the schleps that they call husbands. Only one reason: beards. The REAL truth is probably that Wilma and Betty are in a loving and committed relationship with EACH OTHER. Look at the way they stare into each other's eyes and giggle! That's more than just friendship.