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    8 TV Cartoon Moms Who Were Definitely Secretly Lesbians my head.

    Hear ye, hear ye. It is I, Lauren Yapalater. Your resident wishful-thinking lesbian! As we know, Disney Princesses were quite gay, and my gut says so were all of these TV cartoon moms!

    1. Marianne Hunter Thornberry


    She wears a vest AND a bandana and loves to be outdoors. Nigel is a good guy and all but I'd say they are more like roommates, not lovers.

    2. Betty DeVille


    A fierce-ass feminist who walked in the dyke march over pride weekend, but you know, "just cause she's an ally." OK, BETTY, next you're gonna say you're not a lesbian, but your girlfriend is!!!

    3. Ann Possible

    Disney Channel

    That bob! She's a hot and intellectual lesbian who is good with her hands. Pretty sure they based Alex from the CW's Supergirl on her.

    4. Charlotte Pickles


    The most iconic power lesbian, second to Bette Porter. But she needs to loosen up her tie and accept it.

    5. Theda Funni

    Cartoon Network

    Ever seen Blue Is the Warmest Color? This is that girl now. Feel old yet?

    6. Mrs. Turner

    Cartoon Network

    TBH she just strikes me as gay. That's really it.

    7. Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone

    Cartoon Network

    There's no way these two hotties would marry the schleps that they call husbands. Only one reason: beards. The REAL truth is probably that Wilma and Betty are in a loving and committed relationship with EACH OTHER. Look at the way they stare into each other's eyes and giggle! That's more than just friendship.

    8. Helen Morgendorffer

    That suit, those pearls, that hair! It screams "I'm a lesbian, get me outta here!!" Also look at her during her "hippy" days. Just sayin'!

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