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Topanga Lawrence's Legendary Hair

Forget about "The Rachel"; it's all about "The Topanga."

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Topanga was one of the best characters on TV for one reason:

In the beginning it had thick curls.

And she experimented with fun updos like this one:

Sometimes it was half-up, half-down and crimped.

Other times it was just down and crimped. (Crimping was cool, don't forget.)

It was also long and thick and bouncy.

And long and thick and bang-y.

Seriously, those bangs!

Sometimes she wore it with a big scrunchie like this:

Other times it was wild and crazy like a jungle.

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

It was always golden and shiny...


Look at her show off her lovely hair:

But then she cut it. :(

Whatever, it looked even bouncier after...

And she knew it.

She probably uses Suave.

Anyway, back to the hair. Here it is from the side. Still great.

And now it has a headband in it. Those were also cool.

Here it is all light and feathery:

Here it is kind of short:

Here it is in braids:

Here it is with bangs again:

Here it is close up:

Yup, legendary.

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