Topanga Lawrence’s Legendary Hair

Forget about “The Rachel”; it’s all about “The Topanga.”

1. Topanga was one of the best characters on TV for one reason:

2. In the beginning it had thick curls.

3. And she experimented with fun updos like this one:

4. Sometimes it was half-up, half-down and crimped.

5. Other times it was just down and crimped. (Crimping was cool, don’t forget.)

6. It was also long and thick and bouncy.

7. And long and thick and bang-y.

8. Seriously, those bangs!

9. Sometimes she wore it with a big scrunchie like this:

10. Other times it was wild and crazy like a jungle.

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

11. It was always golden and shiny…


13. Look at her show off her lovely hair:

14. But then she cut it. :(

15. Whatever, it looked even bouncier after…

16. And she knew it.

17. She probably uses Suave.

18. Anyway, back to the hair. Here it is from the side. Still great.

19. And now it has a headband in it. Those were also cool.

20. Here it is all light and feathery:

21. Here it is kind of short:

22. Here it is in braids:

23. Here it is with bangs again:

24. Here it is close up:

25. Yup, legendary.

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