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Updated on Sep 17, 2018. Posted on Jan 8, 2018

Tom Hanks Delivered A Tray Of Martinis To His Table At The Golden Globes Because He's Tom Friggin' Hanks!!!!!!!

T.hanks for the drinks.

Needed more proof that Tom Hanks is the nicest guy in Hollywood????

Well, here he is at the bar during a commercial break at the Golden Globes. No, him standing at a bar doesn't make him the nicest guy in Hollywood.

Tom Hanks headed to the bar during the first commercial break. #GoldenGlobes

But waiting at that line only to bring an entire tray of martinis and drinks back to his table does!!!!!!!

Reason number 357 to love Tom Hanks. He not only gets his own drinks, but brings martinis for the whole table.…

He walked through the crowd balancing that tray like a pro and also providing his friends and fellow Hollywood elite with alcohol. A true friend!!!

Tom Hanks just became the most interesting man In the world

What a guy!!!!!

Best thing I've seen here. Tom Hanks delivering a tray of martinis to his table. The best. #goldenglobes

"So tru Lauren! What a guy!!" —Steven Spielberg

He's a true American hero!!!!!! Patiently waiting for a speech to end to deliver his goods.

In conclusion: Thank you for your service, Tom Hanks! But sorry to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, whom Tom Hanks walked right by and didn't give drinks to.

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