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    23 Times Rihanna Was Simply Iconic


    Greetings, people of the world. I've brought you here to inform you that Rihanna is an icon (which is not breaking news). Therefore everything she does is iconic. It's simple math.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    DON'T BELIEVE ME? Just look at the goddamn evidence:

    1. There was that time when a reporter was uncomfortable, and then RiRi made them jealous too.

    2. When she made it clear that she doesn't have to "look" for anyone.


    3. When she spoke the truth about the male species:

    4. When she put the paparazzi in their place:

    5. ...and the other time she did it with just one look.

    6. When she responded in the only appropriate way to this person's tweet:

    7. When she had no time for mics in her face.

    8. Or pushy questions. But when she does get asked, she answers like a true queen.

    9. When she shut this person up fast:

    10. When she literally just threw a stack of cash in someone's face.

    11. And rolled the window up on someone who clearly was not worthy of Rihanna's presence.

    12. When MTV tried to call out Rihanna...

    ...but she just truly did not give any fucks.

    13. When she made sure no one would get away with calling her "baby."

    14. Or telling her what she should do with her hair.

    15. When she set the record straight about this bathing suit:

    16. And made it known that no one can reach her level.

    17. When she recounted her night:

    18. When she gave this one, heart-stopping look.

    19. And these two looks to put some people in their place.

    20. When she told Satan to fuck right off.

    21. And told everyone on Instagram what pictures were Rihanna approved.

    Even though she looks crazy hot in each and every one.

    22. When she simply owned it all.

    23. And of course, on June 5, 2011 when she showed fishy poomps who was boss.

    Twitter: @rihanna

    Fishy poom poom????

    In conclusion: Rihanna is forever iconic.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

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