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18 Times Rihanna Showed The World Who Was Boss

Queen Ri.

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1. When she put these photographers in their place:

2. This one too:

3. These too:

4. And whatever person is holding that microphone:

5. When she dropped some truth on these reporters:

7. And made sure everyone knows what her priorities are.

8. Because she's got them and they are important.

9. When she knew exactly what to say when people were asking too many questions:

10. When she only needed one look to shut down whoever is behind this camera:

11. ...whoever is behind these cameras...*The-Wait-is-Over*/page3

12. ...whoever is standing behind her here...

13. ...whoever just said the wrong thing here...

14. ...and whoever just got the window rolled up on them:

15. Oh, and also the person who just asked this bold question:

16. When she took matters of commoner contact into her own hands:

17. And when she was blunt as fuck in case mystery person thought they were more important than they are:

18. When with a single flip of her hair she instantly reminded everyone who they are in the presence of:

19. And finally, when all she had to do was tell you who she is.

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