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17 Times Mariah Carey Totally Owned Everyone Around Her


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1. When she threw the first pitch at this baseball game and pretended she did an amazing job so everyone had to re-think what a good pitch was.

2. When she pointed out that this lady had a little something in her teeth and then walked away.

3. When she fell and didn't even bother trying to help herself up. She left it to the other people.

4. When she "didn't know" who "Jennifer Lopez" "was."

5. When she let someone serve her this drink because holding a cup would be too exhausting.

6. She she threw glitter at this American Idol contestant, owning the other judges who didn't think to bring glitter with them.

7. When she put her sunglasses on during this interview because everyone else's hideous faces were blinding her.

8. When she pushed this person away because no one gets in her light.

9. When she just didn't give a shit about this elevator or its lighting.

10. When she owned mother nature by controlling this butterfly.

11. When she flipped her hair in this camera's face.

12. When she spoke these words about Madonna.

13. When she invented her own new phrase because "Cool Beans" just wasn't enough.

14. When she decided it would be best to drink rather than answer whoever was talking to her.

15. When she rolled her eyes at the wind.*-Mariah-GIFs-*-Thread!/page14

16. When she called out someone's unacceptable fuck up:

17. And this glare:*-Mariah-GIFs-*-Thread!/page11

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