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22 Times Kendall Jenner Made You Want To Be Or Date Kendall Jenner

Personally, I choose date.

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3. When you saw her Calvin Klein ads.

6. And when she twirled. She twirled so hard the Earth's core shook.

7. When she stood there, in that red dress and her eyes locked on yours, even from a slight distance.

8. When she used one of those MacBook filters but remained flawless.

10. When she was on a giant yacht somewhere with a dress the size of Rhode Island spread all nicely, and she looked heavenly.

14. When her lips looked like they were crafted by hand from angels.

15. When she held the luckiest puppy in the world.

16. And the other luckiest puppy in the world (they are tied for first).

21. And also breathing out.

The moral of the story is, bless you, Kendall Jenner.