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    Updated on Oct 16, 2018. Posted on Nov 11, 2017

    13 Things Janet From "The Good Place" Has Said That When Taken Out Of Context, Really Resonate With Me

    Janet is me.

    If you watch The Good Place (which you should be watching unless you're dead, in which case you prob can't watch and then fine, whatever) then you'll know that Janet is a special character. She is wonderful. Amazing. Lovely. Well dressed. However, out of context, the things Janet says really speak to my truest self. See below:

    1. Me when anyone says, "How are you?"

    2. Me on Sundays (and Mondays and Tuesdays):

    3. Me in my head:

    4. Me when other people are happy:

    5. Me at any given moment:

    6. Me on any given day:

    7. Me when I turned 11:

    8. Me as I get older:

    9. Me when someone says something too real:

    10. Me when people ask for advice:

    11. Me when I'm thisclose to a mental breakdown:

    12. Me when someone gets undeserved praise:

    13. And finally me anytime I do or say anything stupid:

    So yeah, in conclusion:

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