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28 Times Gal Gadot 😍 Was The Reason You Stayed Alive In 2017

Whatta gal.

1. When she said she wanted to be "Bob Sponge"

2. When she was truly excited about being on someone's shoes.

3. And even more excited about winning charades.

4. When she proved someone on twitter very wrong.

5. When she made this face.

6. And this one too.

7. When she tasted a Reese's peanut butter cup for the first time and it got the thumbs up.

8. When she said Luis Lane.

9. And gick instead of geek.

10. When she made this very powerful and true statement.

11. When she managed to be adorable even while talking about the end of the world.

12. When she dropped a tiny mic.

13. But also a normal sized mic.

14. Basically any time she dropped the mic which was at least three times in 2017.

15. The boosh. THE BOOSH.

16. When she was like, whatever.

17. When she was open and honest with us about her vomit.

18. When she put on her focusing blinders.

19. When she danced.

20. This other time she danced.

21. When she said "poo-poo."

22. When she realized she just said "fuck."

23. When she was so wise.

24. The wisest!

25. When she had tape on her butt.

26. When she talked about her one and only weakness.

27. When she was the feminist of your dreams.

28. And when she made out with Kate Mckinnon on SNL. I mean. YAH.

Here's to 37 more sequels to Wonder Woman. I hope.