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21 Times In 2015 Neil Patrick Harris's Family Was Cuter Than Yours

Sorry, but it's true.

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1. When the twins celebrated their birthday...

2. ...with a princess vs. droid cake decorated by their dads.

3. When the family pretty much won Halloween for the 107th consecutive year.

4. When Neil and David exchanged these tweets on Valentine's Day and out-cuted us all.

Hey @Davidburtka - Will you be my Valentine? Ok, I realize you're already my husband, but a 'yes' would sure make my day/night/life.

Hey @ActuallyNPH - I’ll think about it okay yes!

“@Davidburtka: I’ll think about it okay yes!” Yes! If my Valentine's night was now up for an Oscar, it'd be for Best Original Score!

5. When they all took to the sea to go clamming.

6. And when they were the most adorable family to sell some sidewalk lemonade.

7. When we found out that true love actually exists in the form of coffee.

This is how my amazing husband brings me cappuccino in the morning!!

8. When the gang went farming.

One of the best farms I ever been to! If you have a chance go! Thank you @bluehillfarm We will be back soon!!

9. And harvesting.

10. When they were a suave family in sunglasses.

11. When they used teamwork to make their daughter fly.

12. When Neil made David's birthday amazing...

Thank you to the most wonderful man @ActuallyNPH for taking me on on a trip of a lifetime!!

13. And David made Neil's birthday amazing.

The great @Davidburtka took me on a boat ride around the city of NYC. What a fantastic way to celebrate my birthday!

(Get it? They just make each other's lives amazing.)

14. When David shared this candid family pileup.

Family vacations are the best!! #lovemylife #grateful

15. When they wore their Easter best and it was actually the best.

16. When Neil publicly acknowledged that his husband was a DILF.

A gigantic Happy 40th Birthday to @DavidBurtka, who looks fantastic, laughs constantly, and loves life. I'm a lucky husband! #DILF #DIF

17. And these happy shoulder rides:

Ilya S. Savenok

18. When Neil and David walked the red carpet and their love was literally emitting from them like laser beams.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

19. And another time when they expressed that love through mess.

20. When they took this family selfie.

@ActuallyNPH Happy Birthday to the best Papa, Husband and best friend a person could ever have!

21. And of course, when they gave us a glimpse into mornings at their house, and it was then that I knew I wanted to be adopted into the Burtka-Harris family.

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