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    26 Times Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Spread Their Perfection All Over The World

    They've been promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and also being the best couple ever.

    1. When they walked onto this stage in Singapore holding hands and generally being adorable:

    2. And another time when Andrew was full of chivalry and helped Emma walk down the steps:

    3. When they looked like a completely flawless couple in Sydney:

    Caroline McCredie / Getty Images

    4. And stole glances while gazing lovingly into each other's eyes:

    AFP/AFP / Getty Images

    5. When they went biking in Beijing and high-fived each other...

    6. And then Andrew almost knocked Emma over because they are cute and perfect:

    7. The first time they hung out with mini spider-men and everyone was happy and loving life...


    8. And then the second time Emma and Andrew met a mini spider-man....

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    9. And it was like they had a tiny spider-man family and it was TOO MUCH.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    10. When they both looked at something together and Andrew was hovering over Emma's shoulder and they both looked great:

    Ken Ishii / Getty Images

    11. And when Andrew kept putting his arm around Emma in Beijing because they are a perfect couple who love to walk:

    12. And they walk beautifully:

    13. When Andrew gushed over anything that Emma does:

    14. And made sure to touch her face whenever possible...

    15. And boop the shit out of her nose:

    16. When Andrew and Jamie Foxx showed off their dance moves and Emma cheered him on:

    17. And then when he continued to dance more at another location and she still clapped for him:

    Ken Ishii / Getty Images

    18. When Emma made sure Andrew was fully covered in webbing...

    19. And then stood there, proud of her work:

    Ken Ishii / Getty Images

    20. When they couldn't help but make faces and smile at each other in front of all the press:

    21. But then also got competitive playing pingpong...

    Video here.

    22. And then Andrew called her "baby" and everyone fainted (not really but it was faintworthy).

    23. When the two were just being normal and making usual human movements but they still looked adorable...


    24. And then when they posed for a fan and cuddled with this stuffed bear:

    25. When they huddled around Jamie Foxx to create this wonderful selfie:

    26. And lastly, when they somehow managed to talk about Andrew's spidey-bulge in the most adorable way possible:

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