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Remarkable Human Tiffany Haddish Has Now Worn The Same Dress Three Times

Truly revolutionary (for a famous person).

On July 13, 2017. Tiffany Haddish introduced us to ~the dress~. This dress. It's white, has jewels around the neck, and looks really damn good on her.

And then, On Nov. 11, 2017, Tiffany reintroduced us to this dress. She wore it on SNL even though her *people* told her not to. Because humans don't repeat outfits. Well, I guess humans repeat outfits, but famous people don't. Their clothes are disposable!

But Tiffany wouldn't have it.


She was gonna get her money's worth of that dress.

And guess what. You bet your ass she did.

She came out on stage at the Oscars wearin' THE DRESS.

Also Ugg slip-ons, but we're not here to talk about that, sadly. I must stay focused on the dress.

So yeah, the dress. There it is again!!! A GREAT DRESS ON A FLAWLESS HUMAN.

Thank you for starting the dress revolution, Tiffany, and making me feel just a little less shitty about wearing the same jeans three weeks in a row without washing them.

O captain, my captain!!!!!!