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    This Teen Was Literally Shook To His Core When He Realized He Was Talking To Bart Simpson IRL

    His face says it all.

    In case you didn't know, Bart Simpson is voiced by a woman named Nancy Cartwright. Not an actual little boy. Or even a dude.

    So when this teen wound up talking to Nancy, he obviously didn't realize that he was talking to the person who voices Bart Simpson.

    Our very own @nancycartwright charming the world as Bart from @TheSimpsons This is adorable! His face when he reali…

    I mean, he's literally 13, so I don't blame him.

    The boy was selling some snacks for a school fundraiser, and then Nancy/Bart started talking to him — at times speaking in her Bart voice. It left him politely confused.

    Then at one point Nancy literally said she was Bart Simpson.

    To which the kid replied that she had done a good impression. HAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE THIS KID.

    Anyway, about 20 seconds later it finally dawned on him that he was talking to Bart Simpson's voice actor, and he was shaken.



    Could NOT gosh-darn believe it.

    Anyway, glad his moment of realization was caught on camera for all of us to see. And let this be a lesson for all kids: THE ACTORS BEHIND VOICES AREN'T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM!!!

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