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    This SNL Sketch About Lesbian Movies Is So Accurate It Hurts

    "My parents died before I was born." "Mine too."

    As a lesbian, I have never felt like a sketch was made for me as much as this one. May I present to you the trailer for Lesbian Period Drama.

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    Just watch the trailer for the very real movie Ammonite:

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    And the trailer for the other actual movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire:

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    NEON /

    I see no differences.

    Lesbian Period Drama is masterful.

    The Best Supporting Actress Nominee is The Wind

    And this review, while fake, could not be more real.

    "Sure. I Mean, I'm Gonna See It" from Lesbian Monthly

    I need the 2.5-hour-long full-length movie version of Lesbian Period Drama. I beg of thee, Lorne Michaels.

    Two women holding hands with the caption "Anticipation as they round all the bases like grazing fingers"