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    This Sheep Cafe Is The Most Random But Cutest Cafe In Korea

    Honey and Sugar are my new best friends.

    Hello there, I'm Lauren. I just got back from Korea. Not only did I realize Seoul is one of the best cities on Earth (late to the party sryyyyy), but I also found out that in a v v cool neighborhood called Hungdae, exists the cutest cafe in the whole world.

    You may have heard about the Raccoon Cafe. A surprisingly adorable and iconic establishment. But I'm not here to talk about that.

    I'm here to inform you about Thanks Nature Cafe.


    With real live sheep.

    That you can feed and talk to.

    Ok to rewind, the cafe is literally down some stairs on a main street in Hongdae, Seoul. When you walk down the stairs, you are blessed with the sheep.

    There are two sheep. Their names are Honey and Sugar. So cayuteeeee.

    They hang outside by their little house and enjoy their lovely life as sheep!

    Also, they are really cute, fluffy, and friendly. This is me and Honey. Or Sugar. Honestly not sure, tbh they looked pretty similar to me.

    The nice man who owns the cafe gives you some food to feed them. Then they really love you. Cause food is the way to a human/sheep's heart.

    Speaking of food, this *is* a cafe, so obviously you can eat. This is the view from inside. You can watch the sheep as you enjoy your meal.

    AND LEMME TELL YOU, THE MEAL WILL BE ADORABLE. The stuff is sheep themed!!! Sheep themed lattes.

    Sheep themed ice cream.

    And sheep themed waffles. The resemblance is uncanny.

    Proud of his son.

    Also, inside the entire cafe are tons of sheep things. Sheeps here.

    Sheep there.

    Sheep here too.

    Sheep there also.


    More sheep.

    Lots of little sheep.

    Sheep everywhere.

    Sheep on the wall.

    Sheep at the counter.

    Even sheep on top of the air conditioning.

    In conclusion: I love the sheep cafe. And here is portrait mode being used as it is intended. To take pics of sheep at the sheep cafe. Hi.






    The end. Bye sheep. Hope to see you again soon.