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    Mariah Carey Is Not Just The Queen Of Christmas But Also The Queen Of Wetsuits

    Water is wet and so are Mariah's wetsuits.

    At this point in modern history, we know that Mariah Carey wears ballgowns on the subway.

    She dresses in her Sunday best for the park.

    And she heals her broken bones with bedazzled medical supplies.

    But did you also know that Mariah Carey is a wetsuit visionary? A true queen of staying warm in the water??? Yup! Let's talk about it.

    Like many other famous rich people, Mariah Carey goes on vacations a lot. I think it's great and I'm not jealous at all. Anywhoooo, on those vacations she seems to always be wearing a wetsuit. But they are always different and never the same!!!!!!

    This is wetsuit #1, which actually is worn in the photo above as well. It is all black with thin pink lines along the seams. A classic wetsuit look. 8/10.

    This is a black wetsuit with a big turquoise color block and neon green accent stripes.

    The sea colors look great in the water. This wetsuit gets an 8.5/10.

    Here's a black and neon orange wetsuit. It matches with her bathing suit! 8/10.

    Here's we have a black and pink wetsuit with a touch of blue. Very nice! 9/10.

    On this trip Mariah wore a black wetsuit with neon yellow accents. Basic but classy. 7/10.

    Here is another black and neon yellow wetsuit, but slightly different than the other one. These neon yellow cuffs really add some excitement to this suit! 8/10.

    This wetsuit is another variation on the black wetsuit, but with red accents! Nice! 8/10.

    Here Mariah has another black wetsuit, this time with blue stripes. She looks happy in it, so I'm happy with it! 9/10.

    Once again here Mariah has a black wetsuit with red accent stripes. However here the red also appears around the neckline. A lovely addition! 8.5/10.

    Here's a black Rip Curl wetsuit. Functional and classic! The addition of the Von Dutch hat makes this wetsuit shine! 8.5/10.

    And finally, who could forget her red wetsuit with just a hint of black. It's bold and beautiful! Loud and proud! Arguably the best wetsuit in her collection โ€” instantly iconic! I give it a 9.5/10.

    In conclusion: See, Mariah Carey has a large collection of wetsuits and I'm glad we talked about them!!! BYE!

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