This Is What Phil Of The Future Is Up To Now

SPOILER ALERT: He’s still really hot.

1. Remember Phil (Of Phil OfThe Future) AKA Ricky Ullman, one of many Disney channel hotties?


2. Well his real name is Raviv Ullman.

5. And he’s handsome (and Israeli which is hot)

6. Here he is spinning around and just looking great:

7. Also, he’s very active on Vine, and is best friends with the boy from 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter.

8. He did a whole story on vine about his stuffed bear friend coming to visit.

9. But obviously the most important parts are every frame that he is in.

13. HE also makes vines of Gumby hugging things:

16. Also he plays instruments like guitar:

18. And he has a podcast.

19. Also he loves his dog and looks perfect cuddling up to his pup.

20. Phil (Of The Future) forever <3 <3 <3

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

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