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This Is What Matisyahu Looks Like Now

The same, but different.

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Anyone that is Jewish and went on birthright (SABABA!!!) probably still has "Jerusalem" stuck in their head because it was played on the bus approx. 5,000 times.

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Also you don't have to be Jewish, It's a really good song for those of all faiths.

You also probably still picture the singer of that song, Matisyahu, looking like this:

Instagram: @matisyahu

Cause that's what he looked like.

But NO! That's not him anymore. I mean, it's him, but it's not him. In 2011 Matisyahu began to no longer identify as Hasidic. He shaved his beard and cut his hair. Then we were left with a Matisyahu looking like this:

Instagram: @matisyahu

And now, Matisyahu has gone full surfer dude-ish.

Instagram: @matisyahu

While he's performing he looks something like this:

Instagram: @matisyahu

And most recently he was seen in Hawaii where he happened upon a performer singing his song "One Day" and joined in with him. Matisyahu was in full chilleisure clothing mode. The guy singing didn't even recognize him until the very end when Matisyahu was literally like, "I'm Matisyahu."

So anywho, this is what Matisyahu looks like now.