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    The True Story Of It Being So Cold You Could Literally Freeze An Egg Outside

    It's science, baby!

    You know the old saying. "It's so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!"

    Well, what if it's not hot? What if it's cold as heck and you want to do something with an egg outside? I recently found myself in that predicament while in Korea. It was freezing. The coldest I've ever been in my life (I'm from New York, so give me some slack). Somedays it was in the single digits and that wasn't even the real feel!!!

    So it got me thinking. Instead of frying an egg outside cause it's so hot...what if I attempted to reverse fry an egg? AKA freeze it. As I said...IT WAS COLD. Really cold. Plus I wanted to see what a frozen egg looked like. So I decided to try it. This is my story.

    It all began (and ended) in PyeongChang. Home of the 2018 winter olympics, and my reverse frying an egg experiment.

    It was simple, I just wanted to see how long it would take for an egg to freeze outside and also what would become of my egg. So I put one in a pan (because I'm a CHEF).

    I dropped four whole eggs in some snow, because I wanted to see how a cold-boiled egg would turn out.

    And just for kicks, I cracked one egg right on the snow. IT TRULY WAS AN EGGSPERIMENT.

    Then I took this picture with my egg (and Matt). It was 2:04PM.

    Now we just had to wait.


    Look at the little ice forming.

    Also it was starting to get thick and weird feeling. It was working.

    And the egg cracked right onto the snow had already become flippable. My babies were alive. It was all happening.

    But also It was the middle of a workday, so I decided I couldn't wait for my pan egg to freeze before my very eyes. I mean, a watched pot never boils! So the egg was moved to a safe and secure location behind some branches while I went inside to "work." Also like I said it was freezing, I couldn't stay out there.

    An hour passed and I had almost forgotten about my egg outside. It was time to go check on it. AND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT WAS A SIGHT TO BE SEEN.

    My egg was frozen solid.

    It literally made noise when you tapped on it.

    it was a beautiful display of science. So much science.

    Breakfast was served! But not actually cause this is a raw egg and shouldn't be eaten, even though it does look delectable!

    Still, it was the reverse fried egg of my dreams and if salmonella didn't exist I'd have put some salt on that baby and gobbled it up!

    After a successful freezing, I had to take the egg back to my colleagues to show them what I had created. The security guards were confused. I made it through though.

    As for the eggs I was cold boiling, I literally forgot about them and then went to retrieve them two days later. And After peeling off the shell, an icy glowing ellipse was revealed to me.

    This is my friend Lizz holding one.

    So, yeah, there you have it! That's the story of the reverse fried egg. I hope I get an A on my 5th grade science project!!!