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These Were Everyone In The Audience's Faces When They Realized "Moonlight" Won Best Picture

A moment we will soon not forget.

If you haven't heard about the huge Oscar moment of last night then you're either living in a bunker 60 feet below Earth with no human interaction or just landed on Earth three minutes ago. Either way, you should know about how during the last award of the night for Best Picture, La La Land was called as the winner, even though the actual recipient of award was Moonlight.

To put it simply: It was a shit show.

And these are the faces of the audience upon realizing what the hell was happening.

First there were the people on stage who thought they won. This was Emma Stone:

John Legend:

This dude with long hair:

Damien Chazelle:

And Ryan Gosling:

But thennn there were the people in the audience.

This photo sums up the #Oscars perfectly.

Nicole Kidman:

Michelle Williams:

The woman next to Michelle Williams:

Shirley Maclaine:

This dude:

This other guy:

Taraji P. Henson:

Viola Davis:

Matt Damon:

Busy Phillips:

This woman:

Octavia Spencer:

This lady:

The Rock:

Meryl Streep:


And of course, this guy, Nate Wonder, who just about sums the whole thing up:


The guy in the last GIF is Nate "Rocket" Wonder. An earlier version of this post said it was Roman GianArthur. Thanks Dana Johnson for pointing it out in the comments!