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This Is How Taylor Swift Does Golden Globes After-Parties

She just does them. She does them good.

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First she arrives with part of her posse, Danielle Haim, Alana Haim, and Este Haim. Este helps her out of the car, and then Taylor channels Moses as she parts the mob of people.

Then she poses with her BFF and department store counterpart, Lorde.

WireImage Gregg DeGuire

She gives Lorde directions on where to look via a whisper and a point. Lorde abides.

The rest of the posse joins the photo op. The girl club is strong.

Getty Images for InStyle John Sciulli


FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz

Harvey Weinstein crashes their couch hangout.

Angela Weiss

Taylor then gets caught right at the moment before Lena Dunham gives her a kiss.

FilmMagic Jeff Kravitz

Later Lena will share a secret with her.

In what might be the most controversial moment of the night, Taylor drinks out of a glass. Several people whose bodies have been taken over by demons look on.

And finally Taylor walks by a table where Allison Williams sits.

Which causes Allison to immeditaly begin a self-exorcism.

No one ever saw her again.

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