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    18 Things You Need To Know About Zendaya

    She likes cheese. Lots of cheese.

    1. Favorite pizza topping?

    Cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

    2. Favorite sport?

    I'm going to have to go with basketball because I'm tall.

    3. Last album you bought?

    I think the last actual full album I bought was the Drake album [If You're Reading This It's Too Late].

    4. Craziest fan story?

    Honestly, the coolest ones are when girls my own age come up to me and are like, "Oh my god, I stalk you on Instagram! You brows are amazing!" That's the best thing to me because I'm like, thank you. Thank you so much.

    5. Favorite Disney Princess?

    Princess Tiana because she has an attitude.

    6. Favorite old-school Disney Channel show?

    That's So Raven. You know the eye.

    7. A lifetime supply of chocolate or pizza?

    Pizza. I don't think you could survive off chococlate. But you can survive off pizza because I've been doing it for 18 years.

    8. Twitter or Instagram?

    That's hard! They kind of go hand in hand.

    9. Most-used hashtag?

    Hashtag Okrrr. O-K-R-R-R. I use it all the time.

    10. Last person who texted you?

    My niece.


    She's 19. So it's not that much of an aww. She's like, "When are you coming back so we can chill?"

    10. Who's your doppelgänger?

    I don't have one. I have a very interesting face. So I've met very few Zendayas with this face. I've never met someone that I've thought, Wow you look like me.

    11. Favorite reality show?

    Jersey Shore. Defnitely. One of my favs back in the day. My niece's name in my phone is "My UTI." Because of Snooki. "My UTI!" So embarrassing.

    12. Celebrity crush?

    That's a long list. Do we have time for that? I would definitely say Morris Chestnut is up there. Idris Elba. Channing Tatum. I mean... the list goes on and on.

    13. Can't live without…?

    My cell phone. It's right here.

    14. Dream vacation?

    Sleeping! I just want to sleep! That's all I want to do, just sleep on a beach somewhere.

    15. Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

    Someone showed me a jar of Nutella once and, no I'm kidding. Honestly to do whatever makes you happy. And that is the most important thing that I could tell anyone. You have to do what makes you happy.

    16. Go-to comfort food?

    Ice cream. Häagen-Daaz.

    17. Person you'd like to work with?

    Beyoncé, Riri, Nicki, Drizzy.

    18. If you could invite five people, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would they be?

    Michael Jackson, OK? You've got Beyoncé, all right? You've got Stevie Wonder, right? And then Bob Marley and Tupac. I don't know what's about to go down at that dinner party. It's about to be nuts.