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    13 Things You Need To Know About Dillon Francis

    The "Get Low" producer on his "ZOMG" tattoo and the time he spent $68 at Taco Bell.

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    Dillon Francis is the DJ you're going to want to tell your friends about, you know, so that when they are sharing his album with their friends, you can take full responsibility for it. His latest album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, features all the cool kids, including Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, and DJ Snake, and now he's on tour, stopping at Terminal 5 in New York City this weekend. We caught up with Dillon to find out some things about him that you might not know already. This is what we learned.

    His Favorite Emoji:

    "My favorite is the guy in the canoe. I think it's so stupid. I send it to people, I guess it's like 'I'm leaving now' in a canoe. Also I read once that a Florida man stole an iPad and ran away in a canoe. So maybe that's that emoji."

    His go-to tour food:

    "Healthy food. Sometimes there's the occasional Taco Bell. I've definitely bought $68 worth of Taco Bell before."

    His favorite curse word:

    "Fuck. I've said it so much in front of my mom, too, that she doesn't even care anymore."

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    His choice for his own entrance music:

    "'Kiss' by Prince. And exit music would be Slayer โ€” 'South of Heaven.'"

    His preshow rituals:

    "Getting hit with a can is my new ritual. That way if I do it to myself, it can never happen again."

    His feelings on Vegas:

    "I like gambling. I really got into blackjack because of Deadmau5. He was playing one time doing Encore Beach Club with Zedd. And Zedd introduced me to him, because Zedd doesn't gamble. Joel was like, "I want to go gamble." And I said, "I'll do it!" And I went downstairs and I started playing blackjack, and I pretty much just let him play my hand, while he plays two other hands. And he's really, really good. And it's so much fun. I haven't won money yet, but I've been on the verge."

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    His favorite music video:

    "Is it weird if I say it's one of mine? 'Bootleg Fireworks' is one of my favorite music videos that I've ever done. And it sucks, because you can't play it on MTV, well, you know. I feel like more people needed to see that one, it was so cool. When we saw it, we were like, holy shit, you took the idea and ran so far with it."

    What he's listening to now:

    "Anything that's really dreamy, like you're driving into the sunset. Cut Copy, Goldroom."

    The last time he fell off a bike:

    "In Amsterdam a few months ago. Biking in Amsterdam is really dangerous."

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    His favorite dance move:

    "The bird flying away. I like that one. When you just hear Bon Jovi's voice and your hands go up."

    His biggest musical influence:

    "Calvin Harris. I was listening to I Created Disco a lot when that came out. Same with Crookers, and Diplo."

    His well-kept secret:

    "Whenever I post pictures of my full body, people don't realize how skinny I am. I have chicken legs."

    His hidden tattoo:

    "I have 13. This one [on my inner lip] says 'ZOMG.'"