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    Nov 5, 2014

    16 Things You Can Marry That Aren't Benedict Cumberbatch But Are Close Enough

    Sad because he's taken? Don't be! Look at all of your options that aren't Benedict himself, but like, almost him.

    1. This lemon:

    2. Inspector Gadget:

    3. This cat:

    4. This lemon but now with SUNGLASSES.

    5. Butthead:

    6. Any one of these potatoes:

    7. The Troig from Star Wars (the head on the left seems more available):

    8. A knee:

    9. This otter eating a watermelon:

    10. Sid from Ice Age

    Twentieth Century Fox

    11. This lemon:

    12. A salarian:

    13. ET:

    14. This smiling potato, unrelated to the other potatoes but similar.

    15. A SIMS alien:

    16. And This foot:

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