16 Things We Learned From Peter Dinklage's Reddit AMA

    Tyrion Lannister is obviously just as awesome in real life.

    1. He wants to fly:

    2. He loves hummus:

    3. But he's losing his faith in pizza:

    4. Sometimes Game Of Thrones is not serious at all...

    5. ...and even the greatest of actors sometimes make mistakes:

    6. His hair is a beautiful miracle:

    7. Tracy Morgan is a lot of fun to be around:

    8. Atticus Finch is his dream literary role:

    9. He doesn't really have a bucket list:

    10. He and the cast go almost skinny dipping in Croatia:

    11. The fact that Tyrion didn't have a beard and pointy shoes was a very good thing:

    12. He takes no sugar in his coffee:

    13. He has taken some Lannister jewelry for himself:

    14. He was hand picked for X-Men Days Of Future Past:

    15. He is awesome.

    16. And if you want a photo with him, just ask!