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19 Small But Genius Things TikTok Has Taught Me That Have Truly Changed My Life

You learn 19 new things every day.

1. How to put in a garbage bag without all the drama: 

2. Those plastic spiral scrunchy things SHRINK BACK DOWN TO THEIR ORIGINAL SIZE WITH HEAT:

3. Putting a tortilla under your nachos will give you a vessel for all the little bits at the end. It's a bonus burrito:

4. Sad and wilted broccoli CAN BE SAVED WITH WATER. (This works for carrots too):

5. A way to get the cilantro leaves off the stems in a timely fashion: 

6. That it's possible to remove that unwanted tendon from the chicken:

7. There is a much smarter and less-dust-in-your-face way to clean a dirty fan:

8. Ever tried to roll out a ball of dough into a square? Well, there's an easy way to do that:

9. You can make little baggies out of bigger baggies by using a hot knife:

10. You can perfectly fit your aluminum foil to your pan by doing this:

11. And also figure out exactly where to cut your parchment paper to fit your circle pans with this trick:

12. There is a better way to store your bagged frozen stuff:

13. You can easily re-cover your cheese in those square packages: 

14. A dishcloth will absorb all that dew in the dishwasher: 

15. How to put cans into the fridge like a genius:


when he seen me put them in one by one, he laughed 🤣 this is a new way of life in this household #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #lifehacks

♬ Ultimate life hacks - Kelly - The Life Bath

16. This clever way to get everyyyy last drop of cheese:


What y’all think about Velveeta? 👀🧀 #foodies (via @budtender_og )

♬ Ultimate life hacks - Kelly - The Life Bath

17. A very simple way of opening mail:

18. A smart way to take your key with you and make sure it stays on you (not just for runners!):

19. And finally, this pistachio-opening trick:

I'm changed.