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    Jan 29, 2015

    17 Things That Perfectly Describe All Girls Named Jennifer

    We rule!

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    1. You don’t mind spending a night in with your friends and just playing fun games. When you see your friends around you, you are happiest.

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    2. You are wacky, but not ~too~ wacky. Just the perfect amount of wacky!

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    3. BUT! You also have a bit of a wild side. Meaning when you want to go out, you’ll probably end up being the life of the party.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Anna Chelnokova

    4. You love TV. Or at least like it. It’s not your whole life, but you’ll never miss an episode of your favorite show, even if you have to record it and watch it days later.

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    5. You miss people that you care about. No matter if you haven’t seen them in a day or a month.

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    6. You always hit the snooze button. It’s like snooooze button city over there. But once you realize you might be late for work, you get up. Because you take work seriously and you know you shouldn’t be late.

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    7. You overthink things more often than not. Analyze analyze analyze as they say! You still don’t know what it meant went your crush wrote “Kk” to you 3 months ago.

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    8. You’re loyal. Fiercely loyal.

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    9. But also whoever screws you over is dead to you and you’ll seek revenge.

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    10. You love canceling plans last minute, especially when it’s cold out.

    Getty Images/Hemera Philip Date

    11. You’re great at navigating directions. The perfect person to ride in the passenger seat.

    Getty Images/Hemera Vitalii Gubin

    12. You’re a big joker but when it comes down to it you have a real sensitive side.

    Getty Images/Hemera Paul Hill

    13. You love the sun and feel that nature walks and outdoor activities give you energy and make your day better.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Scott Griessel

    14. You’re studying dentistry. Or thought about it at once in your life.

    Getty Images/Hemera Aliaksandr Zabudzko

    15. You shower daily — or at least every other day.

    Getty Images/Hemera Matt Antonino

    16. But you hate showering! Because it’s an inconvenience and you hate having your hair wet. Especially when it’s cold.

    Getty Images/Hemera Milan Vasicek

    17. You have the best name in the world and with this name comes a self-fulfilling prophecy of greatness.

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