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    27 Things That Happened 10 Years Ago As Told By Tabloid Covers

    Jen and Brad never had that baby.

    1. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen welcomed their first daughter.

    Spoiler alert: They got divorced.

    2. Janet Jackson showed the world her boob.

    Spoiler alert: Nothing was this exciting until Beyoncé took the stage last year.

    3. Nick and Jessica weren't over...

    4. ...because Jessica was keeping Nick happy.

    Spoiler alert: Guess not actually? They split 5 months later.

    5. Justin And Cameron were on the rocks, kind of.

    6. But then they weren't on the rocks anymore.

    Spoiler alert: They actually might have been ~on the rocks~.

    7. Bennifer II rumors began.

    Spoiler alert: They were dating!! AND STILL ARE!!!


    Spoiler alert: They grew up and are no longer teens. (Some are still kinda wild though).

    9. Jude Law was the sexiest man alive.

    Spiler alert: still very, very sexy, just now with less hair.

    10. Brad and Jen were preparing for a child.

    Spoiler alert: Nope.

    11. Seriously though, their baby!

    Spoiler alert: Noooooopeeee.

    12. Ok, but they were definitely still together and happy.

    Spoiler alert: NO THEY WEREN'T.

    13. Like, the hottest couple of the year.

    Spoiler alert: :( :( :(

    14. Angelina was actually back with Billy Bob Thornton.

    Spoiler alert: No actually.

    15. Martha Stewart ~fell~...

    16. ...and was she READY FOR JAIL???

    Spoiler alert: Heck yeah she was.

    17. Reality TV couples seemed happy....

    18. ...but actually maybe they weren't because Bill Rancic was the "new guy."

    Spoiler alert: Nope, he wasn't. He ended up with Guiliana Rancic!

    19. Kirstie Alley had a dilemma.

    Spoiler alert: She's alright. And Brad and Jen are not adopting.

    20. Randy Jackson lost a lot of weight!

    Spoiler alert: He really did, good for him!

    21. Drew became new.

    Spiler alert: Whatever this means, I guess it happened. Also, cute pic of John Travolta and Tom Cruise as a bonus.

    22. Sara Jessica Parker said goodbye to Sex And The City.

    Spoiler alert: But not really, movies galore!!!

    23. Gwyneth and Chris welcomed their first child.

    Spoiler alert: They just consiouscly uncoupled.

    24. Demi and Ashton spent $1 Million dollars on their wedding.

    25. And then had baby dillemas.

    Spoiler alert: No baby. No more marriage.

    26. And Julia Roberts contemplated giving up her career.

    Spoiler alert: SHE DIDN'T!!! THANK THE LAWD.

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