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42 Things That Happen When You See A C-List Celebrity In The Wild

The excitement!

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1. You are walking minding your own business.

2. You see someone who looks vaguely familiar.

3. You wonder how you know that person.

4. Is it from middle school?

5. Is it from camp?

6. Is it from college?

7. Is it that person you met that one time who was friends with your other friend?

8. The vaguely familiar person brushes by you.

9. You have a moment of eureka and realize where you know this person.

10. They are famous.

11. Not THAT famous.

12. But still more famous than you.

13. You yell out the thing you know them from.

14. "LOST."

15. You immediately feel weird for yelling out the show they were once on but aren't on any longer.

16. They look back and smile wearily at you.

17. You open your phone to google their name.

18. You type in "XX from LOST. PLAYED THE GUY WHO DIED"

19. You find their name.

20. You text your friend, "OMG, just saw that guy from LOST!!!"

21. Your friend responds "I don't know who that is."

25. You write back "You know that one who died in like the 4th episode."

26. Your friend writes back "The one with the brown hair and the green shirt?"

27. You write back "No, the one with blonde hair."

28. Your friend writes back "Ohhh, not really sure, but cool!"

29. You continue walking, you are jittery!

30. You get to work.

31. You announce that you just saw the guy from LOST!

32. No one cares.

33. You announce it again to someone who just came in.

34. They don't care.

35. You wish you had asked for a picture.

36. You spend the rest of the day googling that celebrity and wishing the best for their career.

37. Your mom calls you later that day and you are relieved that you have exciting news about the celebrity you saw that day.


38. You watch a television show and see the person you saw on the street.

39. You exclaim to your roommate that you've seen him before on the street!!!

40. You act like your interaction was much longer than it actually was.

41. You tell your friend that "he seemed like a totally nice and normal person."

42. You forever feel a kinship to this TV "star."

The End.