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    Posted on Jul 11, 2017

    21 Things That Will Give Twentysomethings From Nassau County, Long Island, Intense Flashbacks

    Lots of iced cawfee.

    1. Bagels at Bagel Boss...

    2. ...or Town Bagel if it's a Jewish holiday.

    3. Ices at Ralph's Famous Italian ices, but only from about April through October.

    4. Some of the latest fashuns from Max and Gino's.

    5. Or some Hard Tails from Infinity.

    Google Maps

    6. Or maybe some clothes from any kewl spot at the Roosevelt Field Mall.

    7. Tickets to any concert at Jones Beach theater...

    8. ...or at least tix to BLI Summer Jam.

    9. Jones Beach beaches. Or maybe Tobay Beach. Or Point Lookout. WE GOT BEACHES, YO.

    Kgdesigns / Getty Images

    10. Maybe a burger or two from the Mansion McDonald's.

    11. Or a nice, classy bite to eat at Applebee's.

    Google Maps

    12. Or perhaps a nice bowl of soup or late-night meal from a family-owned diner!!!

    13. Some expensive shit at the Americana in Manhasset.

    14. A dinner out with friends at La Piazza.

    15. Or some snacks from Kitchen Kabaret.

    16. Tickets for the LIRR to take you into "the city."

    17. Where you'd spend that cold hard cash to ~do some hookah~ at Sahara East.

    18. And Rose's pizza at Penn Station when you're wasted and waiting for the drunk train home.

    19. Drinks and things at Kasey's in Rockville Center, the hub of Long Island nightlife.

    20. A giant-ass iced coffee wrapped in plastic wrap from your local deli. Nothin' gets better than that.

    21. And finally, whatever it is you might need for the summer at a sleepaway camp. Prob some Soffe shorts tbh.

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