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7 Things Other Than Online Music Streaming That Taylor Swift Has Revolutionized

She's done so much.

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Maybe you've heard that Taylor Swift called out Apple Music for not paying artists and then overnight Apple literally changed its mind and decided to pay artists. Taylor spoke, and Apple listened.

IT WAS REVOLUTIONARY. But did you know that actually Taylor has a storied history of being revolutionary? Look at all these things she's revolutionized.


Before Taylor Swift, having a belly button was cool. It was what people wanted. Now no one wants a belly button because Taylor has completely changed people's minds about them. Having no belly button is all the rage.

Only Taylor could. She completely changed the purse-holding game. FACT: Any purse that has straps that could potentially be held anywhere else besides the mid-forearm will be confiscated and burned by law enforcement.


In the old days you walked by yourself and looked like a schlep doing it. But not anymore. These days people walk with vigor. It's a walking renaissance thanks to Taylor.

The fact is, Taylor has completely revolutionized harnesses. Before Taylor they were just another piece of equipment you didn't want your skydiving instructor to forget. Now it's a fashion staple. A MUST-HAVE accessory for any breathing human.


Once upon a time people used to actually look down while they were walking down steps to make sure they didn't miss one, therefore tripping and then falling on their face.


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