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    22 Things Only A True Haimsbian Will Understand

    You either get it or you don't.

    Haimsbian: One whose sexual orientation is Haim. You'll know if you're a Haimsbian. If you aren't sure, then look at this picture. What do you feel? That's your answer.

    OK, so now that we've covered whether or not you're a Haimsbian, we can discuss the things that only a Haimsbian would really, truly get.

    1. The sheer joy that comes with Danielle posting a pic to Instagram.

    2. Especially when she does something ~out of character~

    3. Or wears shorts.

    4. The intense brain orgasm that happens when Este is playing bass like a boss.

    5. And the sudden loss of any bodily function when Alana plays guitar.

    6. The fucking anticipation of a music video release.

    7. And then the overwhelming sense of happiness mixed with panic when it finally comes out.


    But also obviously the best video you've ever watched and you are totally here for Hocus Pocus Haim.

    8. That bubbly feeling you get in your stomach whenever Danielle sings at the camera.

    9. And your confusion after you wake up from being hypnotized by her eyes.

    10. It's the same feeling you get when all three of them are together...

    11. ...and you can't really comprehend how it's possible to look this good.

    12. The goosebumps that appear out of nowhere when you see the girls dancing.

    13. And the shaking of your body that happens involuntarily when Danielle does that one move with her hands.

    14. The feeling of your mind literally shutting down when you start to see news about their next album because the excitement is just too much.

    here we go again everybody “@HAIMtheband: Uh ohz ”

    ESTE FUCKING HAIM@jizziemcguireFollow

    here we go again everybody “@HAIMtheband: Uh ohz ”

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    15. The shortness of breath that happens whenever you see them as you scroll through Tumblr.

    16. And any time you stumble across their picture or names anywhere on the internet.

    17. The rage you feel when someone pronounces it "HAME." IT'S HAI-YIM. MY GOD GET WITH IT.

    18. The full body quiver that happens literally whenever Danielle touches her hair.

    19. And the feeling of nirvana whenever they are on stage, doing their thing, and you body is lifted into another dimension.

    20. The fierce outrage felt when someone's says to you "I haven't really listened to them" or "I'm not that big of a fan."

    21. The pride you feel when they are on TV and other people get to experience their beauty and overall perfection.

    22. But most of all, your undying love and devotion for these three flawless women and their middle parts.