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22 Things Only A True Haimsbian Will Understand

You either get it or you don't.

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Haimsbian: One whose sexual orientation is Haim. You'll know if you're a Haimsbian. If you aren't sure, then look at this picture. What do you feel? That's your answer.

OK, so now that we've covered whether or not you're a Haimsbian, we can discuss the things that only a Haimsbian would really, truly get.


1. The sheer joy that comes with Danielle posting a pic to Instagram.

2. Especially when she does something ~out of character~

14. The feeling of your mind literally shutting down when you start to see news about their next album because the excitement is just too much.

here we go again everybody “@HAIMtheband: Uh ohz ”

ESTE FUCKING HAIM@jizziemcguireFollow

here we go again everybody “@HAIMtheband: Uh ohz ”

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