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21 Things Miley And Her New Bleached Eyebrows Look Like

Love u, Miley.

1. Voldemort:

2. Spongebob:

3. Jared Leto in Fight Club:

4. This girl from A Goofy Movie:

5. This guy from Foul Play:

6. Emperor Palpatine:

7. This doll:

8. This mannequin with eyebrow wigs:

9. Lady Gaga that one time:

10. Danny Phantom:

11. Lisbeth Salander:

12. This milk jug:

13. Link Hogthrob:

14. This dog kinda:

15. The little alien from Mac and Me:

16. This one dude from that one movie:

17. Tilda Swinton in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:

18. And this character from Dragon Ball Z:

19. Neo when he woke up in that pod:

20. Macklemore:

21. And herself without eyebrows: