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    32 Things Justin Bieber Definitely Says To Whoever Takes His Instagram Pictures

    Hold up, let me take my shirt off.

    1. Yo, take my picture.

    2. This lighting is mad good.

    3. Yo, move back, you're like in my face.

    4. Dude, move back more, get my shoes in it.

    5. Let me see it.

    6. Move back more, I said get my shoes. Get these Yeezys in it.

    7. Let me see.

    8. Damn, my Yeezys look good. Take another. Take a bunch.

    9. Yo, wait a sec, let me get a girl in here.

    10. Hold up, let me take my shirt off.

    11. Actually just gonna lift my shirt up a little.

    12. Actually gonna take my shirt off all the way.

    13. Yo, stand right there.

    14. To the right.

    15. Go a little left.

    16. Get my right foot but not my left foot.

    17. I just want people to know I'm grateful, you kn β€” where are you going? We're not done.

    18. I'm gonna turn around β€” just stay right there and take another, from, like, behind. It's gonna be sick.

    19. Let me see it.

    20. Dude, why don't you wait until I'm not blinking? That would be cool if you could do that one simple thing for me.

    21. Get me looking off to the side kind of.

    22. Wait, yo, I'm gonna move like I'm walking kind of. Get, like, an action shot or something. Like I'm gonna be moving β€” get me moving.

    23. All right now just walk around me and, like, take a picture after every step you take, kinda like you're one of those Google cameras and you're gettin' me from every angle β€” do a burst or some shit.

    24. Did you burst that shit?

    25. All right, cool, cool, let's do like five more.

    26. Yo, I have a good idea: Go, like, really far away. No, wait β€” you stay here I'm gonna go far away and then like take a bunch of me as I'm runnin away, and then a bunch when I get down by that lake.

    27. Make sure though that you can see my Yeezys.

    28. Dude, I'm cold. Hurry the fuck up and take the picture.

    29. Nah, I don't even do it for the likes. It's about nature, man.

    30. Make me look innocent, like I'm a little boy who wants his mommy, but also, like, hard, like, I don't
    really want my mommy.

    31. Sickkkkk.

    31. It's lit. What filter should I use?

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