21 Things I Learned At My First Fashion Week Fashion Show

It’s fashion week, for dummies.

1. First of all, it’s important to have a bagel with you at all times in case you see someone who looks like they need a bagel.

Carbs are probably strictly forbidden inside the tents, but I felt it was important to bring a bagel in case there was anyone that looked hungry or sad.

2. When you get to Lincoln Center it’s just a sea of girls and guys who want to be photographed.

Posing, posing, werking, werking. A lot of fashion students, bloggers, and bystanders.

3. They basically just stand there and try to look good.

4. Some people do get photographed…

5. A LOT. This girl had 20 people around her (I didn’t know who she was).

But she wore a Canadian tuxedo and everyone loved it.

6. There are also adorable kids there who just love fashion and do this and everyone loves it.

These girls gathered quite a crowd around them. It was very cute.

7. And dogs. Fashionable dogs are important.

These dogs were in Burberry, of course.

8. Then celebrities walk by! This is Rachel Zoe’s hair:

She zoomed by so fast as people were yelling and screaming at her. Even though she didn’t stop, she still has a cool bag.

9. And Giuliana Rancic was nice and stopped to let the normal people like us gawk at her:


10. Some of the photographers could be models, so I took a photo of this guy to return the favor.

Hey, just because you are behind the camera doesn’t mean you can’t look good! (Also, sorry for being a creep.)

11. Inside the tent there are dozens of stations for advertisers and stuff.

There are photo booths and other random areas that people can hang out in and be sold stuff to.

12. And you have to scan your ticket to get your seating assignment. “I’m in H-9-13?! UGH I SHOULD JUST JUMP OFF A BRIGDE.”

Electronic ticketing! It’s fashion for the modern era.

13. But they give out free water bottles, so that’s cool!

Some free waters were warm, though; toward the actual runway rooms the bottles got colder.

14. Then you get to enter the room and there are lights and music.

And on each seat is a little description of the show.

15. And everyone is mingling and interviewing and standing on the runway before it starts.

You can tell when a celebrity is there because all the cameras and flashes will be directed at that person.

16. Don’t worry, though, it’s covered in plastic until the show starts so that our normal, dirty shoes don’t touch the runway.

When the show is about to start everyone takes their seat and the plastic is peeled back.

17. And then you sit and wait because the show was supposed to start at 5, but it’s now 5:30, so instead you just take a photo of this woman in a Quaker’s outfit.

LOL wasn’t this show supposed to start an hour ago? It’s worse than the doctor’s office!

18. And then the show starts and you get all giddy because it’s ~all happening~.

Also the music is really good. My favorite song was from the Custo Barcelona show; it’s called “Mercury’s Rising” by Hot Natured.

19. And it turns out the models are very close to doing the limbo when they walk.

Their shoulders are back very far, like they are doing a super lean.

20. And then at the end there is a FIRE DRILL because there’s no other explanation for a single-file line like so:

Just kidding, this is just the final walk with all the models and then the designer comes out.

21. Then the show is over and you are free to run up to celebrities and stylists and take creepshots of them, like I did with Brad Goreski:

He was very nice and took photos with everyone.


All photos taken by me, Lauren Yapalater.

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