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    16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week

    Pictures, please.

    1. Harry Styles carried a purse.

    2. Nick Jonas looked chic in a t-shirt.

    3. Rihanna was looking good at the airport.

    4. Justin Bieber wore Drew Barrymore on his shirt.

    5. And also got a brand new bike.

    6. Owen Wilson went rollerskating.

    7. Adam Sandler dressed up for the occasion.

    8. Naomi Watts managed a lemonade stand.

    9. Rachel Bilson got a piggyback ride.

    10. Pierce Brosnan was happy with his sons.

    11. Jonah Hill showed off his Adidas logo.

    12. Millie Bobby Brown wore tiny sunglasses.

    13. Emily Ratajkowski walked the dog.

    14. Miles Teller mingled with Keanu Reeves.

    15. Chris Hemsworth looked dapper.

    16. And Steven Tyler took a phone call.