16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week

    Martha on the-ones-and-twos.

    1. Billie Eilish scooted.

    2. Ben Affleck held a plant.

    3. Gigi Hadid walked around, and a guy with lots of abs did too.

    4. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx strolled together.

    5. Bran Stark looked very un-Bran-Stark-like.

    6. Kendall Jenner was all dressed up.

    7. Lana Del Rey walked.

    8. Hailey Bieber ran.

    9. Jennifer Lopez sipped out of her bedazzled thermos.

    10. Cher said hi to her fans.

    11. Jeff Goldblum was a vision in pink.

    12. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant looked nervous.

    13. Mark Wahlberg pushed some junk.

    14. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie got ice cream.

    15. Paris Hilton did Coachella.

    16. And Martha Stewart DJ'd. As Martha does!!