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    16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week

    Photos taken before they all go inside.

    1. Vin Diesel was like, "Hey, it's me."

    Ansa / BACKGRID

    2. Pierce Brosnan went all Colonel Sanders on us.

    Xpos / Ana M. Wiggins / BACKGRID

    3. Andrew Garfield rocked some new hair for a movie.

    Dara, Dahe / DARA / BACKGRID

    4. Jonah Hill hit the waves.

    Bens / BENS / BACKGRID

    5. Meghan Trainor got in the Powerpuff spirit.

    Mpnc / MediaPunch / BACKGRID

    6. Justin Bieber was all yellow.

    Agny, Gice / Wagner AZ - Max Lopez / BACKGRID

    7. Emily Ratajkowski and Colombo took a walk.

    Ulra / Ulices Ramales / BACKGRID

    8. Gerard Butler held the torch.

    Batz / karabatsispavlos / BACKGRID

    9. Chris Noth enjoyed the farmers market.

    Pham / Phamous / BACKGRID

    10. Matthew Morrison used protection.

    Mpnc / MediaPunch / BACKGRID

    11. And Howie Mandel used more.

    Ent / ENT /

    12. Charlize Theron stocked up.

    Japz, Joga / 4CRNS, WCP / BACKGRID

    13. Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid got cozy on the streets.


    14. Kendall Jenner looked comfy cool.

    Agny / Wagner AZ / BACKGRID

    15. Laura Dern was a neutral queen.

    Biag / BACKGRID

    16. Celine Dion stopped and smelled the flowers.


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