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    Updated on May 3, 2020. Posted on May 1, 2020

    16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week

    Leonardo DiCaprio and husky puppies!!!!

    1. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello sat on this swing thing.

    Cama, Vaem / MiamiPIXX / BACKGRID

    2. Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas took their dogs for a walk...again.

    Sove, Spot / Stoianov-spot / BACKGRID

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio took his husky puppies out.

    Rmbi / RMBI / BACKGRID

    4. Chace Crawford washed his car.

    Gedu, Sala / Terma,SL / BACKGRID

    5. Gerard Butler went for a surf sesh.

    Cltn, Rmbi / Clint Brewer / RMBI / BACKGRID

    6. Shia LaBeouf went for a bike ride.

    Ggre / BACKGRID

    7. Jay Leno cruised around in his vintage car.

    Sala, Gedu / SL, Terma / BACKGRID

    8. Dax Shephard and his cast went outside.

    Vaga, Grid / LRR / BACKGRID

    9. Sofia Richie's wiener dog took flight.

    Rmbi / RMBI / BACKGRID

    10. Harrison Ford played some tennis.

    Spot / BACKGRID

    11. Laura Dern took her very happy dog for a walk.

    Amco / BACKGRID

    12. Ryan Phillippe jogged without protection.

    Sove, Spot, Gice / Stoianov-spot / BACKGRID

    13. Helena Bonham Carter had a lot to carry.

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    14. Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt took a ride.

    Gice / Vasquez-Max Lopes / BACKGRID

    15. Hilary Duff and her blue hair got groceries.

    Grid / LRR / BACKGRID

    16. Adam Sandler walked around barefoot to say hi to neighbors.

    Andr, Gued / ANDRADE / BACKGRID

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