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    16 Things Famous People Were Photographed Doing This Week


    1. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner took the dogs out.

    2. Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg hugged it out.

    3. Bradley Cooper was ON THE CASE! (Cause he looks like a detective, ya know.)

    4. Gigi Hadid was the sky.

    5. Justin Bieber wore a lewk.

    6. Bella Hadid was nobody's pussycat.

    7. KJ Apa and Charles Melton took a half-naked walk.

    8. Woody Harrelson had a spicy new hairdo (for a movie).

    9. Justin Long looked more like a PC than a Mac.

    10. Tyra Banks strutted in the rain.

    11. Nick Jonas carried his murse.

    12. Jennifer Lopez worked it out.

    13. Kate Middleton sprinted.

    14. Harry Styles drenched the crowd.

    15. Jennifer Garner played ball.

    16. And Will Smith wore short shorts.